Custom Tees

We’ve received numberous inquires regarding Custom T-Shirts as well as Alternative┬áStyles for shirts we currently have available. The answer to both us YES!

Looking for Custom Shirts? – NO PROBLEM!
RaggyTees is actually a┬ásubsidiary of Digital Lobotomy Inc. A Graphic Design / Web Development company founded in 2000. Yep, we’ve been doing one thing or another for 20 years. While we won’t claim to be “Custom Ink”. We are at you disposal if your looking for various products our even you’re very own Online Store.

Want a RaggyTees design but on a different garment?
No worries! Here’s a brief list of some of the other types of garments we can print and ship on short notice.

  • Tank-Top
  • Women’s Tees
  • Long Sleeve
  • Sweatshirt
  • Hoodie

What if I want the print on the back?
Absolutely! – Shoot us an email and we’ll sent you up a custom order and get it out, lickity Split!

Last but not least COLORS?
Currently we DO NOT display all the colors our Standard Bella T-Shirts come in. Mostly to not over load the server but also we have chosen what we felt best suited each print. That said, there are times when a particular color is out of stock (it will not be displayed).

So, if you like design but want it on a color you don’t see listed for that item, let us know.. If it’s available we’ll gladly set it up!

Thank you so much for your interest in RaggyTees and if you have any questions what so ever .. we’re always a click away.

Thanks Again,
~ RaggyTees