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The American Propaganda Machine!

Before I started this site I knew very little about the The Great American Propaganda Campaign for WW I. However, it’s truly incredible to see how much effort went into controlling the the minds of the the American Populous (mostly young men) to conform them into Rabid Soldiers fighting for so called “Freedom” in the 1st World War.

Of course, we can look back today to see how the same strategy has insidiously played for the last 100 years. From WW II, Korean, Vietnam and undoubtedly (for me) exactly what played out on our TV screens on 9/11.

BTW – I don’t write this lightly! Were my Grand-Father alive today he’d probably still be defending the efforts. As he was a mere 17 at the time and enlisted just as the “they” were telling people to do. What’ more my Father was WWII vet and I learned most of his war “souvenirs” were in fact mass produced and disturbed to the solders for the very purpose of “propaganda”. Frankly, I found that to be both disturbing and sad at the same time .. but I digress

In conclusion, the irony for me is in the timing .. All the T-Shirt Art below was produced in 1917 – 1918, yep exactly 100 years ago. To put it simply and many will agree, the beginning of the next major seems imminent, how ironic would it be to be 2018?

Note: This is truly just a drop in the bucket and there was hundreds if not thousands of similar campaigns created and some of it by some pretty fantasitic artist.

Thanks For Reading – RaggyTees!

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